Bryton Rider 320

I completely missed the boat on the Bryton Rider 320 announcement, when it happened back in May. With support for heart rate (HR), speed, cadence, and power alongside a massive 35 hours of claimed battery life you get a lot of functionality for $120. And, since it supports Strava your ride will actually happen :).

I do hope to get my hands on one of these soon, so watch out for the review.

Utilizing an advanced high-quality, optically bonded display, the Rider 320 is specially designed to provide a clear and versatile viewing experience Enhancing convenience and compatibility, the Rider 320 provides support for both ANT+ and BLE sensors. Equipped with complete Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) support, the Rider 320 provides more extensive coverage and versatility in any type of terrain, even in dense tree/building cover or in the mountains, as well as in more regions by incorporating the top 5 Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).


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