Garmin Pushes v10 for fēnix 6 smartwatches

Garmin has been teasing this update for a while, both in the various 9.x BETA and 10.0 RC version that went up about a week ago in their forums. I jumped on the 10 RC bandwagon after letting it stew for a few days, but unfortunately they pulled the download and associated change log for the update, with only the a very limited list available on the forum.

The odd bit is that they seem to have left off the most interesting, at least to me, feature: better sleep tracking. It which was interesting enough that DCR actually covered its addition, as a BETA feature… Oh, and there’s surf support too (meh) ;).

I do have a copy of the FW if anyone wants, but it should be possible to force it by connecting the watch to a PC and letting Garmin Express do its thing. So far, I’ve been very pleased with the update and have had zero issues.

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