Even more HRV love for the fnix 6

Seems like only yesterday that Garmin pushed out a huge step forward in the HRV tracking game for the fnix 6, but no, it was actually two days ago 仁. The glaring issue with that update, not that I am complaining in any way, was that they didn’t include the HRV glance/widget. 22.76 fixes that; so now you can see your HRV numbers from the night before. Awesome sauce!

Added HRV Status widget glance.
Added Heat Acclimation history page to Training Status.
Fixed an issue when calibrating altitude via the DEM option where the prompt to enter sea level pressure was skipped.
Fixed an issue where RCT could disconnect while on the widget glance.
Fixed a potential shutdown on the sensors about page.
Fixed a potential issue where the Daily Floors Climbed Goal alert would not alert.
Fixed a potential issue where Battery Saver mode would randomly turn on after an activity or accessing a menu.
Fixed an issue with VO2 Max coloring in the Training Status widget.
Improve fonts on acute load page.
Fixed other minor Training Status UI issues.
Fixed a potential issue where the device would restart during an activity (non-Pro devices).


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Mike E
Mike E
1 year ago

Thanks for alerting about this – enabled beta and got 22.80 a few days ago, still accumulating history, but access to actual HRV numbers is great!

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