If a gravel bike and and endurance bike hooked up…

You’d probably get something that looks a lot like the just announced Cervélo Caledonia. Of course that’s a bit of an over simplification, because based on the headset, it was probably a ménage à trois involving an aero bike as well… Hey, who are we to judge, whatever works, right?

The key take away here is all the space for tires (up to 34mm) and fender mounts (unclear if that’s with the 34mm tires or requires a downsize), but either way this looks a very capable road/gravel bike as long as your gravel needs don’t extend into the stuff better left to MTB. I do think the aero focus up-front is a bit odd though, given that you could park a second bike between the front tire and the down tube, but hey, it looks aero, and we need to do whatever it takes to support our LBS (yep, this is a dig on the maintainability of integrated headsets), and Cervélo’s margin (also a dig, but this time around limiting 3rd party options).

All that said, I’m quite surprised by the affordability of the 105 model; $2,900 isn’t actually that bad for a carbon do-it-all bike.

Cervelo has manipulated the geometry for the Caledonia, increasing the wheelbase and slackening the head angle to increase stability over the R series bikes on rough surfaces. As this is to be used as Team Sunweb’s Roubaix bike, Cervelo didn’t want to lose cornering sharpness and have increased the rear centre, lowered the bottom bracket and increased the trail. Cervelo says it has slowed the handling down a little compared to its road bikes, specifically for the demands of Roubaix, reasoning that a comfortable and confident rider will be able to race faster.

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