Hiplok Jaw & Ankr Mini

Storing multiple bikes can be a PITA, and there are myriad solutions to assist with that. But, I haven’t seen a product like the Hiplok Jaw yet, and it’s pretty clever. Simply attach the Jaw to the wall, and stick the front tire in, and it grabs hold of it, and the wheel (depending on how much sidewall you’re showing). There’s even a pass-through to use one of Hiplok’s other clever products for a little added security. I didn’t look into the installation, but I would expect that given the weight of most bikes, you probably don’t even need a stud behind it.

The Ankr Mini, is definitely something that you would want a stud, or something solid behind though, because it’s more security and less storage. Still clever, and perfect for those quick in-and-out type locations.

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