You might be missing the point, Garmin…

It’s been a rough summer; with three crashes, two of which have taken me off the bike for unwelcome lengths of time… I don’t like seeing that “detraining” notice any less than anyone else, but honestly, I also appreciate the honesty. And while it totally sucks seeing it there, taunting me, not seeing it is worse. I didn’t go all-in to have my devices go dark, hiding something that is clearly happening. The data is, what it is, no amount of smoke and mirrors is going to change that. There’s a hill to climb. You will suffer. But, isn’t that the point?

That said, maybe your goals are different than mine, or maybe I’m just feeling hostile punchy because I haven’t ridden in a week ;). You can now hide pause your training status on Garmin devices.

Whether you are injured, coming off a hard training cycle or just searching for new motivation, your fitness goals can change from time to time. Sometimes you have to stop training altogether to recover from an injury, and other times you may not have a specific race goal and are instead running or riding for pleasure. Whatever the reason, there are situations when tracking your training status can be demotivating or even counterproductive.

Rather than watching your status change to Detraining or No Status, you can now pause your status on compatible Garmin devices1 and leave it paused until you decide you’re ready for it again.


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Dennis Keane
Dennis Keane
3 years ago

Hurt my back and had 2 weeks off the bike and another week where I went easy on the pedaling. It is tough to lose that fitness. I try and focus on where I am going over where I was – otherwise I would go crazy.

FYI – the soles for Shimano RX8 shoes on wet wood are the same as ice skates on freshly smoothed ice.

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