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I’m not sure how I feel about the lines of the top tube, but you’ll get no argument from me that the Dogma F12 is a beautiful bike. If you have the dosh for a super limited, guaranteed not-boring, version, you will be able to compete for two of them on eBay starting today, with at least some portion of the proceeds supporting World Bicycle Relief (release isn’t super clear on this point, but I imagine the listing will need to be once it’s available). Get your snipe’g thumbs ready, because it’s on.

Pinarello Introduces Limited Edition Hani Rashid Dogma F-12

The Intersection of Design and Speed

TREVISO, Italy – Pinarello, a leading brand of premium road bicycles, accessories, and apparel, today announced a new collaboration with Hani Rashid, a visionary architect, educator, and co-founder of New York City based architecture firm Asymptote Architecture.Together, Pinarello and Hani Rashid have developed a super limited collaboration, with Hani Rashid using the Dogma F12– Pinarello’s flagship road bike – as the canvas.

With his architectural and design practice Asymptote, Hani Rashid has gained worldwide recognition for intelligent, innovative, and visionary projects worldwide. A long-time admirer of the Pinarello brand, Hani Rashid worked with his close friend Fausto Pinarello to reimagine the Dogma F12 aesthetic from the ground up. Pinarello believes that true design is not just about making the bikes look good, but about combining geometrical, aerodynamic and engineering needs to create a winning and exciting objects.

The Pinarello Dogma is the symbol of competition, a name that evokes excellence, quality, perfection, beauty, and Italian design. It is the most successful bicycle in racing history. Hani Rashid’s progressive and intelligent design approach elevates the award-winning F12 to a new level.

“My creative approach and design work on the special edition NYC F12 celebrates Pinarello’s powerful and impressive racing and cultural pedigree.” says Hani Rashid, “I had traced and mapped the geometries and key mathematical aspects of the frame’s engineered elegance. Then, together with the immense knowledge and expertise of Pinarello’s in-house paint technicians and graphic designers, we found a unique way to apply some very interesting and varied arrays of vibrating iridescent matte and glossy colors which as three dimensional shapes would work three dimensionally across the F-12’s architecture, thereby producing these fascinating special edition F12’s as simply and purely poetry in motion.”

The color palettes are inspired by and drawn from the Dolomites in Italy. One combination references this magical part of Italy in the summer and fall where deep shadows and glinting gold light washes over the rugged mountains, while the second palette celebrates the winter and spring in these mountains, still capped in snow with traces of azure water falling across the silver walls of stone.

Two original Hani x Pinarello F12 complete bikes will be raffled off, supporting World Bicycle Relief via eBay Auction. The Auction begins September 28, and runs through Monday October 5 at 12pm Pacific.

Winners will also receive a coffee table book detailing the project, with a personal note from Hani Rashid and Fausto Pinarello. Both bicycles will be on display at Strictly Cycling Collective in NYC during the auction.

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World Bicycle Relief is an international, non-profit organization based in Chicago, IL that specializes in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle distribution programs to aid poverty relief in developing countries around the world. Their programs focus primarily on education, economic development, and health care.

10 limited edition replicas will be sold through select Pinarello dealers post-auction. Riders can locate a dealer at

Pinarello Dogma F12 Highlights:


  • Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology
  • Asymmetric Frame
  • TICR™ Total Internal Cable Routing-no cable is visible on the handlebar
  • Italian thread BB
  • 3XAir™ two positions available for the second bottle
  • UCI Approved
  • RAD SYSTEM Disk brake
  • Thru-Axles- 100x12mm front, 142×12 rear Shimano® system
  • Disk Flat Mount max 160mm rotors
  • Fork: ONDA F12 with ForkFlap™
  • Max Tire 700x28mm

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182ish lb. climber
182ish lb. climber
3 years ago

Surprising that you wouldn’t embrace the lines of the top tube, given that they look a lot like the post-modification version of your original revolt.

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