Garmin fēnix 6 11.75 BETA fixes Indoor Training Activity

I’ve been pretty happy with the 11.10 firmware release, except for one thing. They introduced indoor trainer control, but in the process broke heart rate capture for the activity – making it impossible to determine load (doh). Fortunately that is an undocumented fix in the BETA release of 11.75, which also includes a ton of other useful features. Like “Suggested Workouts” (apparently I need some base :)).

Changes made from version 11.10 to 11.75:

    • Added support for Daily Suggested Workouts, which are recommended based on previous activities. One can disable this from activity settings. (Run/Bike > Menu > Training > Workouts > Today’s Suggestion.)
    • Added support for the Track Run activity, which allows one to record outdoor track data including distance in meters and lap splits on a standard shape 400m track.
    • Added support for Improved Recovery Time, which takes users stress, sleep, relaxation and physical activity in consideration.
    • Added support for configuring non-zero power averaging for Biking activities. (Activity Settings > Power Averaging)
    • Added support for configuring backlight settings during the sleep window. (Settings > System > Backlight > During Sleep.)
    • Added support for training and breathwork workout categories to properly handle launching workouts from calendar view and prompting yoga, strength, cardio, breathing, and pilates workouts.
    • Added Training Status explanation tip in the Training Status widget.
    • Added support for displaying the map scale when panning/zooming the map.
    • Updated the Clocks list layout and icons.
    • Updated the Applied Ballistics bullet database to version 1155 (tactix Delta AB only).
    • Improved the pairing experience for Bike lights/radar.
    • Improved compass smoothness.
    • Improved the poor wrist HR detection which will lead to more accurate VO2 Max and Performance Condition estimates. (Requires 8.00 Sensor Hub)
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Navigation’ hotkey was not working as expected for certain use cases.
    • Fixed an issue with the wind speed field on watch face.
    • Fixed an issue where open water swim activities were capturing an erroneous position in the track log.
    • Fixed an issue where the device would fail to load the elevation plot when navigating to a POI.
    • Fixed an issue where the elevation plot would intermittently get doubled while navigating.
    • Fixed an issue where expired weather data was being displayed on the watchface.
    • Fixed potential GPS communication problems. (Requires GPS v4.60)


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