State Bicycle “All-Road” Suspension Fork

I’m not completely sold on a suspension fork for my gravel bike, but gravel is a very wide category. I don’t tend to go for the more MTB leaning gravel, so if that’s your thing, this State Bicycle suspension fork might be perfect for you, and since it’s State you know it’s going to be reasonably priced. So maybe the $450 à la carte, or $350 with a bike, is worth a gamble to see if it’s right for you…

The All-Road Suspension Fork will strike you with its clean, minimalist design and robust functionality. This fork adds dreamlike ride quality and looks the part, adding a touch of subtle sophistication and versatility to your gravel bike.

The ticket to a smooth ride is here and tips the scales at a mere 1600g with an uncut steerer tube. Even if you add it to a 4130 All-Road, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you’re only adding about 10 ounces or less. Light as a feather and ready to crank up your gravel game!

With 40mm of travel, the All-Road Suspension Fork adds comfort and doesn’t turn its nose at the need for speed. It’s your secret weapon for conquering rough terrain while keeping you in the fast lane.

Installation is quick and painless with the All-Road Suspension Fork’s flat brake mount and external routing. For the 4130, State Bicycle Co. even offers the headset lower and bearing, ensuring a seamless upgrade.

Geometry Changes for the Win:

  • The All-Road Suspension Fork is here to transform your gravel game with its “slack” geometry. But what does “slack” mean for your ride? Here are a few reasons why slack is where it’s at:
  • Stability at High Speeds: Say goodbye to those white-knuckle descents! A slack headtube angle provides greater stability at high speeds, perfect for downhill and gravity-oriented riders. It’s like having a built-in safety net for those adrenaline-packed moments!
  • Improved Descending: Whether tackling steep terrain or technical sections, the All-Road Suspension Fork keeps things in control when things point down. Say goodbye to sudden front-end dives and hello to confident descending.

Say farewell to rider fatigue with the All-Road Suspension Fork. Small bumps and vibrations from rough terrain are absorbed, ensuring you stay comfortable on those long gravel journeys. With a more active front wheel comes better traction, further improving handling and comfort when things get dicey.


  • 40mm of air-sprung travel with Lockout
  • Clearance for 58 x 700 Or 2.3″ x 650b
  • Weight: 1600g (Uncut)
  • Flat Mount Disc Interface
  • MSRP: $450 ($350 if purchased with a bike)

Tech Specs

Material: 6000 series / 7075 series alloy tubes w/ 6000 series alloy steer tube

Steerer:  1 1/8″ – 1 1/2″ tapered | 280mm (uncut)

Dropouts: 12*100 THRU-AXLE (M12 Thread Pitch)

Axle to Crown: 440mm

Stanchion Diameter: 30mm

Rake: 52mm

State Bicycle

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