State Bicycle 6061 Black Label All-Road Checks A Lot of Boxes

✔️Metal  ✔️Frameset option ✔️Price ✔️Fender mounts ✔️Orange

So maybe, orange bikes aren’t your thing. You’re obviously wrong, but my kids tell me I need to be “more sensitive” to a diversity of opinions, so we’ll let it slide. But, there is no denying that the 6061 Black Label (hmm… Johnnie Walker might take issue with that), named for the 6061 aluminum used in the frame, is good value-for-money at $1,400. Although, personally I would like to see hydraulic brakes included at that price. Although, as I gave away in the list above, there’s a frameset option for $680. So all that tire clearance (700c x 45 or 650b x 50) fender mounty goodness is available to the DIY, and off-the-shelf buyers alike.

State built the Black Label All-Road frame from 6061 aluminum for maximum performance, allowing the rider to get the most out of every pedal stroke. Aluminum is known for being both light and incredibly responsive to the rider, making it the ideal frame for covering ground quickly over any road surface. The bike’s geometry is tailored to be comfortable for long days in the saddle on and off the road. The frame uses thru-axles with 100/142 spacing, this along with massive tire clearance (700×45 or 650×50) gives the bike compatibility with a myriad of wheelset options/sizes. Two bottle mounts and fender mounts make it a long ride champ in all conditions, while internal main triangle cable routing keeps it looking clean.

State Bicycle

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