SILCA Announces Synergetic Wet Lube

I’ve gone all-in on waxing my chains, but it’s nice to have options, and SILCA is open with the fact that even their new Synergetic Wet Lube isn’t as good as waxing. Although, clearly caged in the context of their waxing products. But, not everyone has the temperament to mess around with wax – and it is a bit of a faff. This product is for them. Personally, I was expecting this to come in way over the $25/bottle they are charging.

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Dennis Keane
Dennis Keane
3 years ago

Seems like lubes are hitting the $50/bottle mark pretty easily now.

I’ve almost run a full year on wax now and the differences are startling. Last year I went through 3 chains. This year I was running 3 chains, a hold over from last year has 0.25% stretch and the other 2 YBN SLA chains aren’t measurable yet. I’m pretty well sold.

Andrew Van Til
Andrew Van Til
Reply to  Dennis Keane
3 years ago

Ditto (thanks again for talking me into trying it).

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