Do waterproof socks work?

I’ve been tempted to try out waterproof socks, but I haven’t quite made the mental jump to give them a go. There are few reasons behind this, with the biggest one that I worry that by being waterproof they won’t be breathable, the second is that they tend to be pretty expensive, and lastly there’s the how to keep water from coming in from the top problem (i.e. rain running down your legs).

This set of Hummvee Waterproof II claims to be breathable, so that’s one less thing to be concerned about (assuming they actually work :)), now to think on the other two.

Update: I totally forgot that the water in the sock problem is a solved issue. Get some of these (thanks Deane). Done.

Endura Hummvee Waterproof Socks II Deliver Dry Comfort in the Outdoors

Dry feet make it way easier to enjoy a damp day in the outdoors. The Scottish wet-weather experts at Endura clothing have newly updated the Humvee Waterproof Sock to make sure that cold, wet feet don’t spoil an epic day outside.These socks feature a breathable waterproof membrane that stops water from getting in while letting sweat out. The 3-layer construction also features a tough exterior and super-soft interior, all in a slim package to work well with close-fitting running, cross-training and cycling shoes.

Wet, cold feet are the worst! But thanks to Endura, you can say goodbye to this uncomfortable bummer, and enjoy your activities no matter the forecast.

That waterproof membrane allows for sweat to escape while blocking water from entering. On top of all that, the crazy soft yarn lining ensures comfort while pushing through tough weather and frigid puddles.

Hummvee Waterproof II sock Highlights:

  • 3 Layer construction for warmth, weatherproof-ness and durability
  • Waterproof, highly breathable stretch membrane
  • Stretch arch support
  • Long leg length for maximum coverage
  • Unpadded construction, ideal for close-fitting shoes
  • 2 sizes:
    • S/M fits US 5.5-9
    • L/XL fits US 9.5-13
  • MSRP $49.99

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