Great POC, but who’s going to buy that?

I’m going to assume that helmet brand POC, doesn’t stand for Proof-of-Concept, but that’s what their Omne Eternal is. A very neat Proof-of-Concept (POC). But, at €250 (~$300), I have to wonder who is going to buy a self-contained solar charging helmet with a built in tail lamp.

Based on this product image, I can only guess that it’s aimed at the fixie-riding-hipster crowd, but who knows. Personally, while I can celebrate the coolness of this helmet, it seems like the list of things that will go wrong with it (dirt, battery decline, weight, etc) is long enough that coupled with the high price tag just don’t make it worth rolling the dice. But, I also don’t ride a fixie and stare at walls, so clearly I’m not part of the target demographic.

The POC Omne Eternal has an integrated rear light that has no switch. It always flashes. Powering this light are Powerfoyle solar elements which are part of the Omne Eternal’s structure and the efficiency claims are incredible.

This new helmet only requires an hour of light exposure per day, to remain robustly charged. And that light source can even be something as faint as a candle.

Unlike traditional solar technologies, Powerfoyle is immensely sensitive and capable of harvesting energy with great success, from indoor light sources. This is crucial for commuter cyclists, especially in wintertime.


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