Garmin Takes fēnix 7 to 11, 11.15 that is…

OK, wow! That’s a lot of new, cool stuff, and quite a few bug fixes in Alpha version 11.15 for the fēnix 7 and related Garmin outdoor recreation watches. I’ve highlighted a few of the more interesting things, but the most interesting thing might be support for Connect IQ System 6, which promises a richer experience on the watch.

I just installed the update about 15 min ago, so hard to say if it’s a winner or loser. Watch isn’t bricked, so at least there’s that. This Alpha, as in potentially buggy, firmware so caveats apply.

Added initial support for HRV TrueUp. (Support for TrueUp of the overnight HRV graph is still pending.)
Added Distance to Start data field to the Sail Race activity on the Regatta Timer page.
Added Jet Lag Adviser to Fenix 7, 7S, 7X, and Epix Gen 2.
Added multi code point emoji support.
Added PacePro strategy page to Race widget.
Added Race Day card to Morning Report.
Added Sail Expedition app.
Added Stamina data field to bike sports.
Added support for Connect IQ System 6.
Added unspecified gender support.
Added Wakesports activities (Wakesurf, Wakeboard, Waterski, Tube).
Added Workout Execution Score to post-activity summary.
Fixed a few issues with Daily Suggested workouts.
Fixed an issue where the device was exiting battery saver when accessing the activity list multiple times in a row.
Fixed display setting showing up in settings on phone for fenix 7 series devices.
Fixed golf plays like icon display issue.
Fixed HRV overlap in Morning report in some languages.
Fixed incorrect page being pushed during indoor biking activities.
Fixed incorrect targets for Cycling anaerobic Daily Suggested Workouts.
Fixed issue causing double tone sound when pressing a key.
Fixed issue causing Power Guides to show up as an option for runs.
Fixed issue in Map Manager where text was cut off after removing from the download queue.
Fixed issue where palm touch could cause a shutdown when first used on a CIQ widget and then later trying to open a native widget.
Fixed issue with Cycling Power Guides where courses that were too short were still being allowed.
Fixed issue with Daily Suggested Workouts for long rides in Morning Report.
Fixed issue with map not showing all selectable points in some areas.
Fixed issue with the Race Calendar when multiple races are present.
Fixed issue with Updated Day in fitness age.
Fixed missing heart rate chart in activity after having paired an RCT 715.
Fixed potential issue causing a sleep score of 0.
Fixed potential shutdown on boot when resuming an activity.
Fixed potential shutdown when pausing training from the Daily Suggested Workout prompt.
Fixed potential shutdowns starting or during an activity.
Fixed potential UI issue with Daily Suggested Workouts after completing race.
Fixed Race Day morning report ‘time until event’ text.
Fixed Shimano STEPS ebike not showing up in search
Fixed stocks app search not returning symbols that don’t have exchanges.
Improved Morning Report greeting page on Epix and MARQ2.
Improved Rest UI for Ultra Run activities.
Improved the Anchor app by adding a map page, anchor waypoint, and circle representing the drift radius.
Update Stocks Color for Thailand and Singapore.


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