Classified Powershift Hub: A Poor Solution To Something That Isn’t a Problem?

I don’t understand the problem with a front mech. Sure, it’s more fidgety then no front mech, but you get a lot more gears for dealing with that minor inconvenience. Alongside that minor inconvenience, you get a more efficient chainline, and chain. But what about weight, you may ask. I’ll have to give you that, you do save some weight by reducing the ring count up front. If getting the lightest bike, efficiency be damned, is your goal 1x is a great way to get there.

Now enter Classified. They have a bluetooth enabled rear hub that presents two gear ratios, effectively simulating a 2x setup. I do think it’s cool, but also totally stupid for a lot of reasons:

  1. Expensive: You have to run one of their three €2,399.00 wheelsets + their €175.00 cassette.
  2. Weight: Classified claims that it is ±10g of a comparable 2x setup, which means best case you’re right back where you started with a much lighter wallet.
  3. Complexity: need to charge your thru-axle, has a motor, etc.

What am I missing? How did this ever become a thing?


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