Hey, Um… Bontrager, That’s A Dangerous Product

CO2 inflation is a convenient and time-saving way to get back on the road after a flat, but as the cartridges are pressurized, it’s critical that the equipment is safe and isn’t going to blow up and hurl bits of itself at you during the process. While this should go without saying, that’s exactly what happened to a friend of mine when he was testing out the Bontrager Air Rush Elite CO₂ Inflator. Ouch!

While he’s OK, that’s really only because he got hit in the leg by the metal that flew off the Air Rush. If it had been an eye, could easily have ended very badly.

The tiny dot on the pic is the bruise I got. Make no mistake, it did sting and it stung the next few days too. Just like a bee sting, I guess. I was so happy no one else was around during my practice and that my eyes weren’t on the line that the sting didn’t matter much. I immediately went on to put some safety glasses on, despite I cut the practice off right that moment.

Ride In Traffic

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