Garmin Releases 8.0 Firmware for Edge 520/530/820/830/1030/1030+

Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be binaries available this time around, so you’ll have to wait or try to force it with Garmin Express.

Changes made from 7.10 to 8.00:

  • Course Routing
    – Improved course routing speed.
    – Added automatic course route caching.
  • Map
    – Improved map visibility and contrast with new map themes.
    – Added a popularity layer to highlight roads that Garmin users have ridden the most.
    – Added directional arrows to routes, courses, and history lines.
  • Phone
    – Added smart syncing before an activity.
    – Added a Sync Now button to the settings widget and the Connected Features > Phone menu.
  • Updated Firstbeat library for various improvements and bug fixes including a fix for training stats being reset on a multiple day activity.
  • CIQ
    – Fixed issue with BLE sensors in CIQ data fields after waking the Edge from sleep mode.
    – Fixed issue where activity controls would not work in a CIQ app.
    – Improved CIQ data field settings experience by always prompting when adding a settings-capable CIQ data field.
    – Increased font size for app background messages.
    – Fixed other minor issues.
  • Fixed several inReach issues.
  • Improved Garmin dual-mode sensor management.
  • Improved power meter calibration and software updates.
  • Improved the cycling dynamics page.
  • Increased maximum number of workout steps from 50 to 100.
  • Combined the indoor trainer Target Power and Resistance data fields into a single new “Trainer Mode Value” data field that will dynamically change the title and value based on the current trainer mode between Target Power, Slope, and Resistance options.
  • Added support for including metabolic calories in the total calories reported in the calories data field and recorded in the activity file.
  • Fixed manual elevation calibration.
  • Fixed issue with blank Strava segments appearing on the Segment Explore widget.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Improved device stability.

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