Elite RIZER is a better Climb, with one MASSIVE problem

Price. Price, is the big problem. It’s crazy money for a nice-to-have feature; or set of features. But, radiant simulation is cool, and steering is necessary (if you’re Zwift racing), so it is a two birds kind of thing. Still, $1099 is CRAZY, BONKERS, WACK (I could go on) expensive for what you get in practical terms. And, the worst thing is, which Elite is totally acknowledging, it’s going to cost less when the global supply chain sorts its business out… So maybe in a year the $ price will be closer to the 799 you’d pay on the other side of the Atlantic (which TBH, is still too rich for my blood, but at least I’d think about it, probably).

On a totally unrelated note, what’s up with the Wahoo-esque naming convention?

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Donald Winston
Donald Winston
2 years ago

Not available in the US.

Mister Ray
Mister Ray
Reply to  Andrew Van Til
2 years ago

Pushed back to Nov 29 now.

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