Canyon Backpedals, er… Clarifies Aeroad Handlebar Policy

There are two important changes, er… clarifications, between what was originally stated, and what’s communicated in this Cycling Tips exclusive with Canyon. And I think they are both welcome, and critical improvements in the way they will handle the situation. Definitely a massive shift for the better.

1) Installation flexibility:

“Right now, we are thinking about three different offerings: offering number one — I’m not sure from a legal point — but we think most of our customers can even do it by themselves. We’ll just send the new bars to them. Second option is Velofix; we will pay for it, of course. Third option is to go to a local dealer, and we will pay for them to install it for you.”

2) Refunds:

“Canyon normally offers a 30-day return policy for its bikes, provided they’re still in like-new condition. That period has long passed for most Aeroad customers, and virtually none of them will still be in “like new” condition. However, Arnold confirmed that if someone really insists on such, and because of the unusual circumstances, Canyon will take their bike back and refund their purchase price.”

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