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CyclingTips does a good job of explaining how to understand bike geometry, but there are a couple things they flubbed in the video below. First, “twitchy” isn’t a good word for a bike with a short trail. Twitchy is somewhat pejorative, and implies that the bike might be difficult to control. IMO, “responsive” is a much better term.

One of the things I love about my Tarmac is how responsive the bike is, which is both an artifact of the shorter wheelbase and trail. The difference between how you aim it is massive compared to my Giant Revolt ( shown above). Great on the road, but you definitely don’t want that responsiveness on a technical gravel trail. Which is one of many reasons, why bikes like the Revolt exist. These aren’t bad/good things, they are just attributes that are important to know when selecting a bike. So while I doubt they explicitly intended to be negative, I suspect that some of their bias is flowing through to the content.

The second thing is that they missed the opportunity to mention Bike Insights (where I got the image above). Which is a fantastic site for comparing bike geometry. Once you understand the basics, it’s a great place to start when shopping for a bike.

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