Garmin Drops 10.33 Alpha for fēnix 7

Lots of change here, but the biggest is probably the addition of “Morning Report”. This is a feature found on the 255/955, that was promised for the fēnix 7, but hasn’t made it over until now. Although, it’s just the foundational elements on the watch so far. You can only turn it on/off, with no option to mess about with the settings. This not me complaining though, because Alpha software is by definition unfinished. Looking forward to seeing it develop.

Oh, and if running is your thing, then they also added Run Power without the need for an external HRM or foot pod. That’s pretty cool, but since I only run 1x a year to remind myself why I don’t do it more often, not a biggy for me personally ;).

Added Anchor, Sail, Sail Race activities.
Added Auto-Rest for Ultra Run.
Added Backcountry Snowboard Activity.
Added Disc Golf Activity.
Added golf Scoring settings menu.
Added Grade Adjusted Pace data field.
Added haptics to more places, including scrolling lists.
Added Morning Report.
Added nautical units options for Boat, Sail, and Sail Race activities.
Added Next Fork data field.
Added Reference Point as a hot key option.
Added support for Armenian characters.
Added support for heart rate chest strap in Yoga/Breathwork/Health Snapshot.
Added Tides glance.
Added wrist based run power support.
Fixed issue causing sleep data to no longer show later in the day.
Fixed issue where Marine maps and Street maps weren’t rendering correctly together.
Fixed issue where two instances of map download continue prompt could show up after canceling a download.
Fixed issue with Do Not Disturb during sleep changing to “off” when entering and activity and backing out.
Fixed issue with glance folders where calendar could show the incorrect time.
Fixed issue with invalid values on race completion page.
Fixed issue with reviewing multisport legs.
Fixed issues with “Base” cycling daily suggested workouts.
Fixed last night HRV showing graph data when watch was not worn.
Fixed potential shutdown when editing map data fields.
Fixed slowness in segments list.
Fixed UI issue on timer when a lap is longer than 1 hour.
Fixed UI issue with zoom controls in golf green view.
Improved Daily Suggested Workout UI.
Improved map pan/zoom enter/exit experience.
Improved race predictor UI to allow back drag touch interaction from anywhere.
Improved speed of Wi-Fi.
Improved the power on page.
Improved UI around phone and Wi-Fi connection setup when these have not been set up previously.
Improvements and fixes to settings interaction with Garmin Connect mobile app.


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