Garmin Edge 530/830/1030/1030 Plus *.73 Firmware Released

Not much to it, but there is a new firmware update for the Garmin Edge 530 (9.73)/830 (9.73)/1030 (13.73)/1030 Plus (6.73) cycling computers. The only really notable thing is that it appears to fix an issue with Firstbeat stats. I don’t think I’ve run into this one personally, but it would suck to have all that data reset when the device power cycles.

Nothing to do except sync the device with your phone or PC (via Garmin Express). I have been running the pre-9.73 on my 530 without any problems, so I was quick to install this one with Garmin Express. No weirdness noticed so far.

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José Afonso
José Afonso
1 year ago

thank you for the information provided!

Btw I’m still using the 9.10 firmware version to prevent issues about suddenly drops of sensors (PM, HR). Is this version “safe” on those issues? if not, i might be still keep my 830 running with 9.10

Mike E
Mike E
1 year ago

Interesting. I’ve had 2 cases of having to reboot Edge 530 late in the ride this year (once after it dropped all the sensors and would not reconnect and once after it froze) and another case of it restarting itself – every time it kept basic ride info from before restart, but not training load/effect. I actually submitted a request to their support to fix this, I think in the summer (after loosing most of TE from a big high aerobic ride) – wonder if this is partially in response to my request. Either way great to see this, updating… Read more »

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