Garmin Edge 530/830/1030 Get Radar Enhancements

If you have a Garmin Edge 530/830/1030/1030 Plus, a Varia, and are comfortable running BETA firmware, Garmin just released a firmware update that, along with some other improvements, adds an “All Clear” tone for the radar. While that might not seem like a massive improvement, if it works that’s a fantastic enhancement to the experience (which is already pretty awesome).

Changes made from version 6.20 to 6.22:

  • CIQ 3.2:
    Added CIQ 3.2 support.
    Added BLE sync support for the Connect IQ app.
  • Indoor Training:
    Added smart trainer widget that includes Tacx Road Feel controls.
    Fixed course points for indoor trainer rides.
    Added the Virtual Partner to the map page when following course or activity on indoor trainer.
    Fixed issues with grade, power, and resistance controls for smart trainers.
  • Simple Setup:
    Added Simple Setup support. Port old activity profiles and sensors from Garmin Connect during initial setup.
  • Livetrack:
    Added device driven Livetrack.
    Added course sharing.
  • Radar:
    Added radar ‘All Clear’ tone. Setting is configurable in the radar sensor setting menu.
    Added instructions for pairing a radar in the radar sensor search menu.
  • Segments:
    Fixed recurring ‘Deleting Segments’ prompt.
    Fixed updating segment leaders on sync.
    Fixed segment completion bugs.
  • Improved reliability of FTP auto detection.
  • Fixed segment completion bugs.
  • Fixed crash when updating sensor software.
  • Fixed issue with smart eat and drink alert prompts.
  • Fixed false ‘Climb Complete’ prompts when riding a segment with ClimbPro.
  • Fixed retaining light network disable over power cycle.
  • Added support for metabolic calories in the activity file.

1030/1030 Plus/830/530

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