Garmin Releases Forerunner Epix, er…, 965

If you love the Garmin Forerunner 955 form factor, I’m more of a fēnix guy, but lusted after the AMOLED display on the Epix, or Venu models. The new Forerunner 965 is the thing for you. There are also a bunch of new software features, but those are coming to the 955 (and probably the fēnix/Epix as well) in the next feature drop. Overall, it looks solid, and pretty. I’ve never been tempted by the Forerunner family before…

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Sir Ridealot
Sir Ridealot
1 year ago

Hmm… very tempted. I wanted the Epix 2 but decided to wait. Then I realized the 955 Solar might be good for me (at half the price) since I’m spending most of my outdoor time in the sun and I could use the extra charging.

Too bad the 965 is not solar. Tough choice between 955 Solar and this one especially since they’re the same price.

I wonder if they’ll every make a Solar OLED watch though. Might be that the solar panels aren’t worth adding to a device with higher power requirements.

Sir Ridealot
Sir Ridealot
Reply to  Andrew Van Til
1 year ago

Hmm that’s a good perspective. I’ll have to reconsider, though I still feel Solar might be worth it if all outdoor activities are in bright sunlight. Anyway, another thing that occurred to me related to Fenix vs Forerunner is that I’ve heard from several independent sources that their old (pre 955) Forerunners lost their airtightness pretty quickly. In contrast, I’ve used Fenix 3 and 5X for years, and I used them quite a lot for open water swimming in the ocean, not to mention banging them up. The 5X is still holding up without issues. So now I’m wondering if… Read more »

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