Wowzers! Garmin adds HRV goodness to fēnix 6 lineup!

You will need to install the 22.75 ALPHA build of the firmware, to get the new HRV features, but I’ve found those to be plenty stable for daily use. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t appear to have added the HRV glance. So it will be interesting to see how this all plays out as the firmware update develops.

It does include new sensor hub, so I’m optimistic that Garmin will add the same sort of HRV sleep tracking to the device as is found on the 955, 255, fēnix 7 and epix (with ALPHA firmware). It’s great that Garmin is continuing to add value to the older hardware.

  1. Added major update to Training Status widget. The main widget now displays Training Status, HRV, and Acute Load data. The widget also contains its own glance view containing Acute Load, Load Focus, VO2 Max, Recovery, Heat Acclimation, and Altitude Acclimation data.
  2. Added a new Acute Load graph, which can be accessed via the updated Training Status widget.
  3. Improved race time predictions
  4. Fixed a potential issue where random text would be displayed on InReach messaging.
  5. Fixed an issue on the Xero widget would be unable to acquire GPS.
  6. Fixed inability to launch Reference Point from power controls while in an activity.
  7. Fixed a potential crash on the Sleep Widget.
  8. Various other bug fixes and improvements


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