New Garmin Beta Process Actually Works – 13.09 Is Available

I haven’t had a chance to dig into the new Beta yet, just installed it about 5 min ago. But the news here isn’t all the good stuff below. It’s that their new process for getting Beta firmware works, and my approach for knowing to check for it also works 👏.

The big thing that stands out here is “Added Wrist Based Running Dynamics”, which was a feature that launched with the 965 and previously required a fancy Garmin HRM. I don’t know how useful these numbers are, DCR doesn’t put much stock in them. But, always nice to get the toys :D.

Change log for version 13.09 (changes since v11.28, currently Live):

Add more apps/glances to power controls and hot keys.
Added 7 day sleep stage graph.
Added Apps category to activity/app list add flow.
Added calorie burn rate chart to post-activity summary.
Added flashlight strobe option to power controls. (Fenix 7X/Tactix 7/Enduro 2 only)
Added HRV Status 4-week historical graph.
Added HRV status data field to watch faces.
Added Load Ratio to Training Status.
Added more data field options to the hierarchical data page layout.
Added new activity stage landing page.
Added Obstacle Course Racing activity.
Added Workout Execution Score to post-activity summary.
Added Wrist Based Running Dynamics.
Fixed Armenian font issue.
Fixed issue that would sometimes show the run timer as negative in Wakesports activities.
Fixed issue where Health Snapshot glance was unable to be added for Quatix watches.
Fixed issue where several Tides menu options wouldn’t appear.
Fixed issue where the max speed of Wakesports activities would sometimes be incorrect.
Fixed issue with custom power modes during activities.
Fixed issue with flashlight cadence mode not showing red flashes.
Fixed issue with Outdoor Maps + deactivation flow.
Fixed issue with Outdoor Maps+ after having cleared settings on the device.
Fixed map only touch setting prompt after a device reboot.
Fixed potential issue where tones would alert when they shouldn’t.
Fixed potential issue with resuming Outdoor Maps+ downloads.
Fixed potential issue with watch face accent color changing from white to something else.
Fixed potential shutdown when clearing smart notifications.
Fixed potential shutdown when viewing fitness age.
Fixed potential shutdown with Drill Start in Pool Swim.
Fixed Recovery Time discrepancy.
Improved battery estimates when flashlight is used in activity.
Improved compass smoothness on the compass page.
Improved Ski activity to now distinguish when you are on lifts versus skiing downhill.
Improvements to Altitude Acclimation.


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