Cycling treadmill falls flat

TBH, I’m at a loss for how the Oreka O2 is a real product that you (if you live in Europe) can buy. I can sort-of see how there’s a market for this thing, even though I wouldn’t buy one with someone else’s money. Inaccurate power, wonky feel, and the whole safety thing. Clearly not ready for retail. I can’t even see how it passed a liability review… How did Oreka get insurance? Now, consider the 3,700 € price…

No matter – as you’ve deduced by now, this is an interactive smart trainer of a bike treadmill. It acts more or less the same as a Wahoo KICKR would, except that it’s a giant treadmill that you place your bike on instead. You might wonder how it’s different than something like the Tacx Magnum bike-treadmill thing? Well, that costs over 10,000EUR, whereas this costs a mere 3,699EUR. You noticed that Euros denomination there, because both are only available in Europe at this time. Probably cause of the size.

DC Rainmaker

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