Please, please, please tell me it’s April

I don’t even know what to say, but that’s mostly because I should not say any of the things that came to mind when I saw the SaddleSpur this morning. I really did have to take a moment to check the calendar, even though I know, for sure, that it is November.

What is going on there? Who thought that was a good idea? Even if it is scientifically sound, which you know, maybe, who knows, who cares. WTF!?!?

It could be sliced bread. Who is going to buy that thing? Who is going to rock up at the group ride with that on their bike, on any day that isn’t April 1st? Wow…

The very base of the SaddleSpur saddle seems normal; it’s a flat profile, short-nosed design with a pressure relief channel and flexible base. There is only one 130mm width available, the shape should suit both men and women, and the saddle comes with aluminium rails.


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5 months ago

“Jump on!” LMAO

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