Pioneer SBT-PM91 Bluetooth/ANT+ Dual Power Meter Installation and Setup

The Pioneer SBT-PM91 Bluetooth/ANT+ dual power meter provides power and cadence data, like most bicycle power meters. But also offers the flexibility to use as a left or right side only solution. It also has some extra functionality around left/right efficiency and balance not available from other meters. Doesn’t quite meet the claimed weight of 61g. 4g for magnets is excusable, I suppose. Maybe the 8g (69-61) difference is the CR2032 batteries?


  • Real left/right/total power solution
  • Available as a kit to install on your crank, or pre-installed on a crank
  • Does not require magnets for power/cadence data
  • Easy to install if skipping the magnets
  • Two power meters in one solution (i.e. can operate as a left side, right side, or dual power meter with configuration change via mobile device)


  • Magnet installation is a pain
  • Does not fit on all bikes
  • Expensive, although not relative to other dual power meters
  • Garmin doesn’t support special Pioneer power meter functionality


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