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Farsports (Wheelsfar) Feder FSD45CM-28T-SUD Wheelset

It’s hard to make the argument that a ~$1,000 wheel set presents good value for money, but that’s exactly what I consider the Farsports Feder FSD45CM-28T-SUD with DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs to be. Not because they are cheap, but because they are the things that a well made, high-quality set of wheels should be at roughly half the prices of a comparable set from a “premium” manufacture like Reynold, ENVE, Bontrager, Zipp, Roval, etc. Fast, light, smooth; fantastic!

  • Unboxing: 1:17
  • Rim Measurements: 3:35
  • Weight: 4:11
  • Tire Installation: 5:07
  • Wrapping up: 6:52

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142ish lb flatlander
142ish lb flatlander
2 years ago

I have now ridden a couple of times on rim break version I ordered on Lunar NY sale (40mm deep climbers-to-allrounders) after replacing defective 240EXP hub parts (before ever riding). Enjoying them so far, compared to 46mm HED Jet 4+ (alloy + carbon fairing) these are about 200 grams lighter and I can tell the difference accelerating and climbing. Hard to tell if there are less aero with shallower rims, may not be or at least not much with 25 mm tires because while at 26mm wide they are narrower than disk break version, they are still definitely wider than… Read more »

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