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Stone 110BCD 5-Bolt Spider for SRAM AXS 8-Bolt Cranks

I was searching for a good solution for running 5-Bolt 110BCD road chainrings on a SRAM AXS crank I recently picked up for a good price, and found this spider from Stone Bike which promises exactly that. Unfortunately, it is not fit for purpose.

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2 years ago

I was surprised at the sloppy fit of a Quarq meter on my Red AXS crank, the ‘fit’ is provided by the 8 self centering countersunk bolts. Try moving it after torquing those up. The lobes are I suspect more about orientation, bolt mounting, stopping damage if the bolts work loose.

If the lobes were designed to hold the spider they would be on a taper and pressed together with the bolts.

Reply to  Andrew Van Til
2 years ago

The Quarq was far from snug, a good amount of rotational play. Anyway, thanks for the tip on the Croder, like you I’ve found it near impossible to source one that’s not a lucky dip AliExpress purchase……

Can’t see the 5 arm Croder in the UK though.

6 months ago

Hi, I watched your video. I used the same adapter to make a 110bcd 1x chainring work with my SRAM AXS crankarms. 2 things: 1) This DJC Stone spider is meant to be used for 1x only, meaning the inner edge or “rear shelf” as you call it is NOT meant to hold another or smaller chainring (the 1x ring goes outboard). Also, 2) the “wobble” you are mentioning of the spider when it’s just put on the crankarm w/ out the bolts is normal, I did the same with a stock Quarq PM or SRAM X-Sync DM chainring and… Read more »

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