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Waxing, or re-waxing, a bicycle chain

I use a slightly different method to wax/re-wax chains than I’ve seen from other guides out there. It’s a simple, one-step, process that has served me very well both in convenience and chain longevity. While it’s possible that there is a marginally better approach to doing it, the easier the process is, the more likely we are to actually do it :).…

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Great for steak, why not chains?

I’ve never seriously considered waxing a chain before. It just seems like a massive, messy, PITA to get a small potential gain. But the method described by Silca seems much lower effort, and lower risk in the mess department. Also, much since it works in the ultrasonic cleaner, there’s no chance I’m going to ruin anything that wasn’t bike specific in the first place. More interestingly, is that the sous vide method…

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