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Waxing, or re-waxing, a bicycle chain

I use a slightly different method to wax/re-wax chains than I’ve seen from other guides out there. It’s a simple, one-step, process that has served me very well both in convenience and chain longevity. While it’s possible that there is a marginally better approach to doing it, the easier the process is, the more likely we are to actually do it :).

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Dennis Keane
Dennis Keane
2 months ago

Sous vide bath is now my preferred method, as it warms the wax up more quickly than the crock pot (not really a big deal) and allows me to do three chains at once. Only issue is that I am using a polyethylene bag for the wax, which means I can see how dirty the wax is! I might be losing half a watt 🙂

Dennis Keane
Dennis Keane
Reply to  Andrew Van Til
2 months ago

WAF is real in cycling too.

Dru Henke
Dru Henke
Reply to  Dennis Keane
1 month ago

Dennis, are you just melting the wax, dumping 3 chains into the bag, and then “cooking” it for a while?

Dennis Keane
Dennis Keane
Reply to  Dru Henke
12 days ago

Sorry about the long reply time. Essentially yes to your questions. I put a bag with wax and the chains in the sous vide pot. Let it heat up to the desired temp and swish the chains a few times. Remove and let cool.

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