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Will Dynaplug Damage Your Carbon Rims?

When I found out about Dynaplug, I had some concerns around whether it could damage carbon rims if the brass tip made contact with the wheel. I would love to take manufactures at their word that a thing is safe, thoroughly tested, and works the way it should, but all too often it just doesn’t play out. So I figured it was worth buying one and testing what would happen if I…

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A Brand Ambassadorship Masterclass: Dynaplug Edition

You can learn a lot about a company by watching how they react to criticism. Do they acknowledge the concern, attempt to dispel the issues raised with facts and data, or do they pull out the “bruh” speak, emoji, and unrelated YouTube videos? Turns out if you’re running Dynaplug’s Twitter account, it’s the second option… Now, it’s quite possible that I’m being paranoid, and over-weighing the risks of fixing a sharp metal…

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