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Can I get an Amen!?

This article speaks to me. I totally agree, and I think it captures so much of how I feel around the difference between events like Unbound, and events like what Big River Gravel and the folks who organize Snaggy are doing. Some of it I think comes down to why the organizers are putting in the effort. I can’t believe that folks that are doing Unbound and the folks that are doing…

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Garmin Gravel Worlds 150 – 2022 Recap

Gravel Worlds is the largest organized event I’ve ever participated in, and the longest hardest race I’ve ever done. Race didn’t go to plan, but it was a fantastic experience that I hope to do again some day. Intro: 00:05 An Item of Feedback: 01:15 Race Start: 02:00 Thoughts on Aerobars: 03:40 Mistakes Were Made: 04:52 More Feedback: 06:40 Making Lemonade: 07:47 Grabbing the Takeaway(s): 09:07 Celebrate Good Times: 11:39 Measuring the…

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Gravel Worlds – 2022

It would be a lie to say that I don’t know why I keep signing up for events that can only be described as masochistic. I know exactly why, not only do I sign up for these guys, but I sign up for the longest, hardest, version of them. And it’s because for reasons that I can’t explain, I let my friend, the one that’s actually good at these, talk me into…

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