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Lynskey Performance Titanium Bicycles Is A Strange Company

Eleven months ago I bought a Lynskey GR300 frameset, or maybe I didn’t. I definitely received a receipt from them indicating that I paid, and two-three months later (sorry, it was a long time ago, hard to remember exactly), they shipped it to me. All good, right? Just another normal transaction with a company. The problem is that, yesterday, eleven months after the fact, their new accountant discovered that there was a…

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Lynskey GR300 Titanium Gravel Frameset

The Lynskey GR300 frameset forms the foundation of their GR300 titanium gravel bike. I opted for the internal cable routed version, but much of what will be discussed in this video is also relevant for the external version. This is a pretty long video, and a significant portion is specific to building the frameset, so I’ve provided an index below with some time codes to break up into more manageable topical chunks.…

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