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Lynskey GR300 Titanium Gravel Frameset

The Lynskey GR300 frameset forms the foundation of their GR300 titanium gravel bike. I opted for the internal cable routed version, but much of what will be discussed in this video is also relevant for the external version. This is a pretty long video, and a significant portion is specific to building the frameset, so I’ve provided an index below with some time codes to break up into more manageable topical chunks.

  • Frameset Intro: 0:00
  • Frameset Features: 1:26
  • Weight: 9:40
  • Considerations when building the bike: 10:23
  • General issues/considerations: 16:14
  • Wrapping up: 22:54

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oscar talag
oscar talag
3 years ago

Torque Specifications
Lynskey Seatpost Clamp – 5Nm
Lynskey Ti Seatpost Enve Insert – 15Nm (The 12Nm marking is for carbon seatposts

3 years ago

Thinking of buying one of these, so this was helpful. I’m curious what size your frame is. I am 182 cm tall, with long legs-short torso, so I’m stuck choosing between the ml and l sizes. Can you comment on saddle to bar drop that you have and how many spacers you can run with this fork? Thanks!

Steve P.
Steve P.
2 years ago

I have a GR300 on order due at the end of the month, and was wondering what length of caliper fixing bolts you ended up using for the rear caliper. I already ended up ordering different thru-axles based on your concerns. Thanks for the overview of the frame.

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