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Melting Mann 2022 – Race Recap

Melting Mann 2022 was my first race of the season, and I was eager to test my new fitness plan and the things I tried to learn from last season. While I definitely made more mistakes than I would have liked, I am thrilled with how it worked out. Intro: 00:23 Weather: 02:25 Race breakdown: 03:35 Result: 07:55 Wrapping up: 08:13 Full race:…

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Melting Mann – 2022

So, remember when I was questioning how much I hate myself before? Turns out the answer was “a lot”, because there really isn’t a better answer to why I signed up for what is sure to be a completely miserable ride. There really isn’t much chance of anything but misery given that it’s taking place on March 19th in Michigan. On the plus side, at least I didn’t hate myself enough to…

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