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Continental Makes Road Hookless Viable, With Caveats

I had a chance to connect with Vittoria at CABDA a few weeks ago, and their representative mentioned that they were planning to release a hookless compatible cotton road tire similar to the Corsa Speed, but not with Speed branding. So it wasn’t entirely surprising that Continental was working on what could be a sea change tire for wider adoption of hookless road rims. Given the caveats, so of which I included…

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Orange Seal Rim Tape

Taping road tubeless wheels isn’t difficult, but there are some things you can do to make it easier, and make it work better. Fortunately, I had some Orange Seal rim tape (thanks Orange Seal!) on hand when it was time to re-tape my Reynolds AERO 65 DB. This video is both a how-to, and a review of the Orange Seal tubeless tape.…

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Pretty sure the clincher brigade missed the point there…

The amount of “tubeless hate” in the comments is interesting. If you’re happy with tubes, that’s great. No one is trying to change your mind on that. It’s a perfectly valid choice. There are costs/benefits to any system and everyone has a different value equation. If  you’re tubeless-curious then it’s worth noting that when tubeless works, it’s magic, it’s not uncommon to discover that it it worked purely by accident (i.e. finding…

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Mount a Stubborn Tire Without Tools

Mounting tires, especially road tubeless tires like the Continental GP5000 TL, can be a massive challenge even with tools. But, what if you don’t want to use tire levers or a jack to get a troublesome tire on the rim? This is a quick tip outlining something that I’ve found to work really well for those stubborn tires.…

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