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To ERG, or not To ERG, that is the question

TIL – there is a diversity of opinion around whether using ERG mode when doing a structured workout is a good thing. Maybe because I’m biased, I wasn’t able to find much actual argument against it (best I found was this), and a whole lot for, in a nuanced way, (another Slowtwitcher), albeit mostly from companies who have made a business selling structure for the smart trainer. Personally, I have a really…

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Bryton Rider 750

The Bryton Rider 750 is a color touchscreen with a massive feature set, including: ANT+ Radar (Varia), Electronic Shifting (Di2/eTAP), Navigation, Smart Trainer (ANT+ FE-C), and Wi-Fi support. With 20 hours of claimed battery life, even when not considering the price it’s a competent entry into the cycling computer market. Now let’s consider the price. Bryton Rider 750 E (just the head unit): USD $269.95 / UK £219.95 / Australia $429.95 /…

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Cycling treadmill falls flat

TBH, I’m at a loss for how the Oreka O2 is a real product that you (if you live in Europe) can buy. I can sort-of see how there’s a market for this thing, even though I wouldn’t buy one with someone else’s money. Inaccurate power, wonky feel, and the whole safety thing. Clearly not ready for retail. I can’t even see how it passed a liability review… How did Oreka get…

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