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If you want MTB geometry, maybe get a MTB?

I generally like Jame Huang’s bike reviews, he’s very thorough, and has a no-BS style which is appreciated. But, I really don’t get the bias towards MTB geometry on gravel bikes that he’s been pushing. I suspect that this is an artifact of background, and where he tends to ride (IIRC, he’s based in Boulder, CO); if you ride MTB trails on a gravel bike, I can see where MTB geometry would…

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Lynskey GR300 Titanium Gravel Frameset

The Lynskey GR300 frameset forms the foundation of their GR300 titanium gravel bike. I opted for the internal cable routed version, but much of what will be discussed in this video is also relevant for the external version. This is a pretty long video, and a significant portion is specific to building the frameset, so I’ve provided an index below with some time codes to break up into more manageable topical chunks.…

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