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Will it work with a road tire?

I’ve never tried the technique outlined in the video below, in the way it’s outlined. But, I have done something similar with my hands with high volume gravel tires when they refuse to seat properly. So I have no doubt that it should work provided that you get a decent seal between the rim and the bead, since the overarching goal is to get the rim tight enough that the air you…

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Lezyne Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

I was quite excited about the potential after stumbling across the Lezyne Tubeless Repair Kit. Price was right, and if it worked would have been just the thing to sit in the space between sealant-does-its-thing, and put-in-a-tube. Unfortunately, that turned out to not be the case.…

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Continental GP5000 TL Puncture

Less than a month in, got a puncture. Sealant worked in the field, isn’t providing a long term fix. Annoying that I’ll probably have to write off such a new tire, for what isn’t that large of a hole, but it’s hard to argue with the massive convenience of tubeless even though it’s an all-the-eggs-in-one-basket solution.…

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