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Stop Using Sealant Injectors

There are lots of tubeless “horror” stories available around how it doesn’t work, and I’ve had plenty of these myself. After spending some time over the last year analyzing why tubeless failed for me, when it did across many sealant brands, I found what I think is a massive part of the problem.…

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Orange Seal Rim Tape

Taping road tubeless wheels isn’t difficult, but there are some things you can do to make it easier, and make it work better. Fortunately, I had some Orange Seal rim tape (thanks Orange Seal!) on hand when it was time to re-tape my Reynolds AERO 65 DB. This video is both a how-to, and a review of the Orange Seal tubeless tape.…

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No Spoke Holes, No Problem

One of the concerns that I and, I imagine, many others have around buying a set of Far Sports tubeless rims without spoke holes is the potential for massive hassle when it’s necessary to replace a nipple. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I got the chance to experience this process first hand today. I have no idea what happened to the spoke/nipple above, I didn’t even notice it myself until a sharper-eyed friend…

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