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Hey Garmin, Fenix 6 Virtual Run activity needs some work

I feel a little bad complaining about a “found feature”, as in I didn’t buy the Fenix 6 because of Virtual Run support, and until it was there, didn’t even know it was coming. With that out of the way, it’s a neat thing, but WOW does it need some work. Multi-sport activity: Yesterday was leg/back day, with a 10 minute run to warm up before hitting the heavy. So in preparation,…

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Zwift stabs running, injures my commitment

Figures that Zwift killed (not really, but definitely made a move in that direction) Running the same day I tried to try it for the first time. But as DCR notes, the real story is the doubling down on hardware. I like Zwift. I find it motivating and easy to use. I do not like expensive hardware that locks me to a specific subscription based platform (cough, Peloton). So no matter how…

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