Another use case for the Garmin Varia

I love my Garmin Varia. It’s a massively helpful bit of magic that enhances my perception of safety on the bike because I know when there’s a car behind me, and in a broad sense how fast it’s approaching. Given this information, and with all the solo riding I’ve been doing lately, I recently discovered another great use case for the device. Motopacing.

Standard T&C apply (i.e. probably not the safest thing, use at your own risk, etc.): because you know how many cars are there, and when the last one is going to pass, it’s super easy to jump out and get a nice draft from the last car as it passes by. Obviously, still worth a backwards glance (cough, safety first) to be 100% sure, and only do it on roads where the speed limit is within the boundaries of your VO2Max, and comfort level on the bike. Happy drafting :).

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