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Big problem with newer DT Swiss hubs

I recently had an engagement issue with my DT Swiss 240 EXP hub that nearly stranded me 50-60 miles from home. Fortunately I was able to get it working on the trail; which is the first part of the video. The second part is bad news for anyone with a newer DT Swiss hub.

  • How to: 0:16
  • Problem explained: 3:02

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142ish lb flatlander
142ish lb flatlander
3 years ago

Thanks for the info – disappointing, but good to know and deal with it in advance.

142ish lb flatlander
142ish lb flatlander
Reply to  142ish lb flatlander
3 years ago

Instead of me sending in a lightly used wheel, they sent me floating ratchet, freehub body and hub grease and had me follow instructions in their video from linked page (or pdf). The hub already had quite a bit of that grey/black sludge shown in your video. When asked for more details and why fixed ratchet doesn’t need to be replaced, I was given the following explanation: “the deviations in surface finish are actually on the side of that ratchets and not the teeth. What causes the slipping is the ratchet wearing into the free hub body and causing the floating… Read more »

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