Strava Year In Sport, Paywalled

I totally get that Strava really wants people to pay, and I think that if you get value consistent with the price, $80/year, that’s great. You should totally do that. What I don’t get is how they consistently take things that used to be part of the “free” offering, and push them behind the paywall. They did it with segments, and now it’s Year In Sport.

TBH, it’s kind of pathetic. Instead of innovating, to convince the hold outs like myself, who for the record used to subscribe when their were tiers, they take another thing of negligible value and try to squeeze it for $80. Are their idea people that empty?

C’mon Strava, you’ve shown in the past that you’re happy to lift product ideas from other platforms and claim it’s innovative. And to be fair, that’s a path well traveled by some highly successful companies. Look around, borrow something from Veloviewer (which does way more interesting things that Year In Sport, with Strava data) or; both of which I happily pay for. Or better yet, throw some of that sweet PE money at either platform, so you can ingest them – because if we’re honest, you don’t have the best track record with figuring out how to do post-workout analysis.

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1 year ago

Great article, totally agree with You!

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