Wahoo ROAMs off message

First off, the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM looks like a nice unit. A bit bigger than the BOLT. Color(ish) support. Better (kinda) navigation than the older ELEMNTs, but that price. An aspirational $379!?! Yes, Wahoo has a better UX than Garmin, during setup/config, but it does less. A lot less. Even than the $299 Edge 530, let alone the $399 Edge 830.

See, the thing is, when I review products – price is an important piece of the equation. Just as it is for any number of decisions you make daily any time you open your wallet. Your constantly balancing the value prop for a given thing you’re contemplating purchasing. Be it deciding whether that stale bagel at Starbucks is worth the apparent premium for being convenient to where you picked up your coffee, or as complex as deciding on a new bike computer. And if there’s any overarching theme of today, it’s going to be a complete misunderstanding of that value prop. Unfortunately, it’s also far deeper than that.

DC Rainmaker

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