Bryton Announces Rider 420 Cycling Computer

I love it when a company takes feedback, and simply makes a better product. It appears that Bryton has done exactly that with the just announced Rider 420 cycling computer. Compared to the Rider 410 there are a few welcome improvements. Including an optically bonded display (i.e. flush), modifiable contrast, ability to get to the settings in activity, BTLE power meter support, and turn-by-turn navigation. Even with this additional capability, the Rider 420 maintains an incredibly affordable ($130/€130) SRP, and 35 hours (claimed) battery life. Add to this, that it just looks a lot nicer (sorry Rider 410). The only problem, is that a bit of patience will be required – with shipments expected in market in the October time frame.

Rider 420: Simply Precise!

The all new powerful and easy-to-use Rider 420

Simply Precise! Lead the Way with the all new powerful and easy-to-use Rider 420

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Bryton Inc today announced the Rider 420 – its latest GPS cycle computer that combines improved hardware design, with better viewing experience, with new features and functions, including upgraded Follow Track, 35 hours of battery, and Power Meter Pedal Calibration. Engineered with simplicity and convenience at its core, the Rider 420 creates an enjoyable riding experience for any level of cyclist.

“With this generation of GPS Cycle Computer, we wanted to reinvent user experience from the inside out,” said Fema Chueh, Senior Product Research & Development Engineer. “First we started with the display – upgrading to a superior optically bonded display which will drastically improve reading experience. Then we wanted to make exploring unfamiliar areas worry free, so we included a more powerful follow track mode with detailed turn-by-turn information. We also added Power meter pedal calibration, improved the device design and aesthetic, and kept many of the great features Bryton is known for including 5-Satellite System support, 35 hours of battery, more than 80 features, and much more.”

For riders looking to follow new routes, blaze new trails and discover unexplored, the Rider 420 incorporates a new follow track function with turn-by-turn navigation (including street names) and Full Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), supported by 35 hours of battery life, so you never lose your way!

With more than 80 functions, the Rider 420 is designed from the ground up to be as simple as it is powerful, with the goal of a GPS Cycle Computer that is as easy as start-and-go! This new device is planned to launch at the middle of August and be available for purchase in selected regions in September. This device will also feature 3 different bundle options beginning at €129.95 MSRP. Some additional features include:

Crystal Clear, High Contrast Display

Designed to create the best viewing experience, the Rider 420 is built with a crisp black and white 2.3” large screen. The high quality, optically bonded display provides crystal-clear reading from any angle and in any environment without interference. With up to 8 data per page, it is possible to fully engage and understand real-time performance with just a glance at the cycling page.

Lead the Way

Unleash your adventurous spirit with the Rider 420’s Follow Track function! It is now easier than ever to plan and create trips via the Bryton Active App, import trails(.gpx) from 3rd-party platforms onto Bryton Active, and auto sync trails from Strava, Komoot and Ride with GPS to let the Rider 420 be your personal guide. With turn by turn navigation, the device offers information for road names, distance and direction before every turn. Go ahead to explore new areas, Rider 420 will lead the way.

Dual ANT+/BLE Sensors Support

Aiming for maximum convenience, the Rider 420 perfectly supports both ANT+ and BLE after simple pairing, and in order to greater enhance compatibility. Additionally, upgraded Bluetooth will increase stability of connection and data recording!

Power Meter Pedal Calibration

The Rider 420 also caters to riders using power meter pedals. Simply input the crank length for calibration and receive precise power values generated from the power meter pedals.

Absolute Precision – 5 Satellite System Support

The Rider 420 GPS cycling computer incorporates 5 different satellite systems: GPS, Glonass (Russia), BDS (China), Galileo (Europe) and QZSS (Japan), providing a faster start-up and a much more reliable satellite coverage in any situation, especially when covered by buildings/trees, or even riding in the mountains.

Adjustable Backlight Brightness

Made for day and night riding, Rider 420 features adjustable backlight intensity to fit any riding circumstances with more comfortable viewing.




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