What if maximum stiffness isn’t the goal?

This video from PeakTorque is incredibly detailed in its explanation of why carbon fiber (CF), despite being an incredibly stiff material, isn’t nearly as stiff in the finished product as it may seem initially. But what if maximum stiffness isn’t the goal? It’s common knowledge that CF seat posts and handlebars are great because they incorporate stiffness in some directions and compliance in others. Less well known, but still true AFAIK, is that certain bike OEMs use CF layup to target a specific feel for their bikes; Giant = stiff above all else, Bianchi = more compliant. I don’t have any personal experience with carbon bikes from those manufactures, but I can certainly tell the difference between my Canyon Aeroad and Specialized Tarmac; with the Aeroad being the more comfortable of the two bikes, and I’m reasonably confident that the main difference is in seat post compliance.

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