As someone who loves data, I don’t get it

I love data, and I love toys. But, speaking as someone who knows what my favorite gears are (50/15 & 50/17) and pays attention to my shift count, I do not get SRAM’s play here. Or, I guess I should say, I understand why they want the data, I don’t understand the value in sharing it with them. Maybe it’s because I’m anal AF, but I know the battery level of my Di2 system (60%), and what pressure I set my tires to before every ride (25c: 80/83, 37 & 38c: 50/50 (road), 35/35 (gravel)), need I go on? And clearly, I don’t have a problem with oversharing, so if they can’t convince me…

Obviously, the real play here is simply data collection, and likely targets the casually curious who setup the sync, and then never think about it again. I know why I share with Strava (social) and Training Peaks (training load); why would I share anything with SRAM?

SRAM’s AXS ecosystem becomes even more powerful with the introduction of AXS Web, a web tool designed for riders who want to better understand and improve their experience on the bike. The AXS Web dashboard is for anyone with data enabled devices — including power meters, tire pressure sensors and electronic shifting — and will collect and display ride data uploaded through Garmin head units. Wahoo compatibility is forthcoming.


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